Ladies and gentleman, let's get ready to...............


Honestly? It's whatever

A lot of people ask me, "What is it that you do?" Well, here's the deal: I make important stuff happen: MISH. 

Some people call it assistant work. Some people call it secretarial. Clients refer to me as any of the following:

Their ______.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Assistant
  • Podcast Producer
  • Audio Editor
  • Secretary
  • Angel on their shoulder
  • Etc, etc. So-forth-and-so-on.

Some clients I only do audio editing for. Some I handle their schedule, answer customer support inquiries, proofread blog posts, and/or book their travel. 

Here's the deal:

I hate labels. 

Here's the other deal: 

I think it's a waste of time to be worried about *what* it is that we are.

When I was just getting started three years ago, I researched Virtual Assistant communities. I was even swindled into subscribing to an "ADMINISTRATIVE CONSULTANT" newsletter, where all that was preached here there and everywhere anyone would listen, was "YOU ARE NOT A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. YOU ARE AN ADMINISTRATIVE CONSULTANT AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO CALL YOURSELF ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY, YOU BRING SHAME UPON YOURSELF AND THE REST OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE CONSULTANT COMMUNITY AND CLIENTS WILL NOT RESPECT YOU!" (Now sign up for my course so I can bang this concept into your head, and meanwhile here is a funny video of a random person doing something that I caught on video and think is hilarious, but in all reality it's exploitive and rude.)

Who cares? I'm not sure that person even *did* any real work because throughout my subscription, not even one instance was given for what an "administrative consultant* even does. 

I don't care what a client calls us as long as they are happy. DevReps is not an agency. We're a concept. You need something to get done and be done in a effective and efficient manner. That's what we do. We also do it remotely, which is why I believe people call it "Virtual".

Arguing over labels is not productive, it's pedantic. Let's just move on with our lives and MISH.