Adam Davies

"You have infiltrated all my favorite podcasts. I'm happy about that. The results speak for themselves."

Jay Wengrow

"The @devreps service is really outstanding! I'd recommend it to anyone. (Even non-devs.)”

Dave Thomas

"…Everything you touch has that golden sheen.”

Avdi Grimm

"Mandy has been a partner in supporting my business so that I can focus on developing that business."

David Brady

"You have single-handedly made @rubyrogues dependable, reliable, on-schedule, and AWESOME."

Arthur Maltson

"Ruby Rogues is a substantially better podcast after your processing."

Charles Max Wood

"Mandy saved my podcasts.  I can't imagine doing this without her help now."

Ryan Castillo

"I can't say enough good things about Mandy. It's been a real pleasure having her help out so far."

Nathen Harvey

"Working with Mandy has been nothing short of delightful! Her attention to detail and rapid turn around times help make the Food Fight Show awesome!"